North Carolina Professor requires students write 8-page ‘commitment to social justice’, read Pro-Marxist books

Professor requires students write 8-page ‘commitment to social justice’ 

A teacher at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro requires students in her class to write an 8-page commitment to social justice — pupils who take her class because it’s a required course to earn a K-12 teaching credential.

An assignment in instructor Revital Zilonka’s “Institution of Education” class tells future North Carolina teachers that “by the end of the semester, you are required to write your own personal/professional commitment to social justice,” the syllabus states.

The class mandates a list of feminist and Marxist readings, and students’ “commitment” is expected to be up to eight pages long and delve into how they plan to advance social justice “given the new understanding you have by now about society and education,” the syllabus adds.

Zilonka nor University of North Carolina-Greensboro officials answered emails from The College Fix asking if students could request an alternative assignment and for clarification on the assignment.


Gov’t Builds $75 Million Facility Federal Cops Can’t Use

Gov’t Builds $75 Million Facility Federal Cops Can’t Use

General Services Administration (GSA) officials designed a $75 million federal law enforcement facility so unsuited to what the intended occupants needed that they couldn’t use the building when it was completed, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Paul Krugman surely would say it was still a net plus gain, as the $75 mil building will certainly be used for a future purpose, and the building created temporary jobs. And like the V.A. hospital, he would turn a blind eye to any quality control or accountability. The answer is always “MOAR $ In DEM CONTROL!!!”