Like Mom, like Daughter. Ends justifies the means.

“I don’t ask for permission. I think anytime you have to ask for permission your project is doomed.”

When asked how she persuaded McGreevey to participate in her project, Pelosi put it simply: “I didn’t.”

What happened is that Pelosi did persuade McGreevey to let her follow him around in his new life — as a volunteer to female inmates in New York City and in his attempt to become an Episcopal priest — but not in any official documentarian capacity (in fact, Pelosi says that McGreevey’s partner, Mark O’Donnell, was staunchly against the idea).
“I don’t think he thought I was making a movie,” Pelosi told POLITICO. “I think he thought I was just hanging around.”

Well, hanging around, that is, with a handheld video camera, her signature filmmaking method (Pelosi’s other documentaries include “Journey With George” and “Friends of God”).

Kind of like how Mom Pelosi deceitfully passed ACA.