Is Late Night Talk TV Sexist? Puhlease….

The Shine: Jay Leno’s Ogling is the Last Straw: We Want a Lady Late-Night Host!

With the exception of Chelsea Handler’s measly (but awesome) half-hour show, late-night talk remains a good ol’ boys club of shameless, boyish hosts who can’t get enough of having hotties in the hot seat. And believe us: Jay Leno’s crazy-flustered “Interview” with Halle Berry Monday night was just the latest in a long line of offenses. Let’s revisit some, shall we?—Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff

Nevermind that a flustered talk show host, in awe of a woman’s beauty, is incredibly flattering, I’d imagine. I mean… c’mon, look at Halle Berry? She’s just beautiful. About the worst thing I could say about it is how boring it must be for Berry to often deal with it coming from someone who is too dumbstruck to bring any funny.

Besides… Hitchens probably has a point.

Christopher Hitchens: Why Women Aren’t Funny


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