Holding the fraudulent “Jobless Recovery” Hostage For More Keynesian Policy

Senate Passes $3.7 Trillion Budget, Its First in 4 Years

The first priority of the Senate budget is creating jobs and economic growth from the middle out, not the top down,” Ms. Murray, the chairwoman of the Budget Committee, said. “With an unemployment rate than remains stubbornly high, and a middle class that has seen their wages stagnate for far too long, we simply cannot afford any threats to our fragile recovery.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m just a caveman turned town crier in a strange modern age of derivatives, red lining, and quantitative easing,  but resisting becoming frugal and practical in our budget, lest we end a “recovery”… ?

They can’t admit what’s apparent after 4 years.

Keynesianism failed.  It’s by any measure a vicious cycle of failure, hurting the middle class, not helping.

There is no recovery to risk losing.  It’s an illusion, they are using for more grift and CYA failure.

Having not read it yet, how is the $100 billion Stimulus any different than what they’ve tried? They really think they can sell that after the 09′ laughable results of 896 billions?

Will Joe Biden be providing oversight like he did on the 09′ Stimulus?  Why? Why not?

Now get ready for the class warfare justifications and declarations of how patriotic it is to cough up our Seed Corn to these out of touch silver tongued parasites.


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