DailyKos tries to make a Gun Control point on death of TX prosecutor

DailyKos: Armed TX Prosecutor & Wife Assassinated: NRA Silent on How This is Possible

The Police didn’t prevent this from occurring, either.  But we aren’t asking to abolish their 20 minute avg response time, are we?  Seemingly, if we want to play this like a simple rock paper scissors game, Element of Surprise has to be the trump tactical card, and I fear an effective law that stops that, comes with a police state apparatus that makes the War on Drugs look like a walk in the park.

I don’t think that word means what you think it means…

This is what fascism looks like: A state that murders and imprisons people by the bushel (many of them innocent) out of sheer sadism, but can’t and/or won’t protect even its own prosecutors from the violence of murderous white supremacist terrorists.  In fact, they won’t even call it terrorism because the suspected perpetrators are part of the same extended political culture of racist, lawless, anti-government white conservative gun nuttery as the Republicans who control the state with an iron fist. “

Background: Reuters- Killing of Texas district attorney, wife, seen as targeted

McLelland spoke about the recent assassination of his Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, who was himself gunned down in broad daylight on the Kaufman County Courthouse steps by a masked gunman who has yet to be apprehended.

The following is the portion of the conversation that McLelland permitted Breitbart News to place on record. The rest he asked be kept off the record.

McLelland: Mark [Hasse] was a hell of a good man, he never minced words. He was fearless. He came in to this office and started taking cases that had been left for years by previous prosecutors. Justice mattered to him.

Breitbart News: I’ve noticed just how secure this building is and how everyone looks so alert and nervous. This isn’t at all what small town or small county couthouses in Texas are usually like. Is this level of security normal around here? Will stay it stay this way?

McLelland: In Kaufman County, everybody is somebody’s cousin and knows each other. We’re not used to this, but it has to be this way now.

Breitbart News: I’m sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how this affects you all personally, but what does your loss mean professionally, for this office?

McLelland: You can’t replace a really good guy that everyone liked. You can’t replace 30 years of knowledge just like that either.

Breitbart News: What would he want you guys to do?

McLelland: He would want us to drive on and go get the guys, to go get them.

Breitbart News: What changes do you want to see from this? What could be done to keep prosecutors safer?

McLelland: We need to be just like other law enforcement officers. We need to be allowed to open carry our sidearms. There’s a state representative named Lance Gooden [R-4th District] who I’ve spoken with about this and he’ll do something. He’ll make something happen.

Breitbart News: Earlier you said you didn’t want to comment on the investigation, and I understand. But I have to ask. Some have said you guys were going after the Aryan Brotherhood. Some have said low-level Mexican cartels have had involvement with the Aryan Brotherhood in Texas regarding methamphetamine trafficking?

McLelland: Interesting. I can’t comment on any of that.

Breitbart News: Is it possible the Aryan Brotherhood is either acting as hitmen or paying prosecutors back? Are you guys looking into that?

McLelland: I can’t comment on that investigation. I will say with the caliber of people working on it, I feel confident justice will be served.