What if the Left is just one Potemkin Village after another?

I’ve often wondered this aloud myself.

Mark Tapscott: What if the Left is just one Potemkin Village after another?

When you see a tree with a bunch of apples on it, the logical conclusion is that you are looking at an apple tree, right?

But what if you are looking at a political movement that claims to represent “the people,” yet constantly gets caught manufacturing the appearance of popular support?

That’s called an Astro-Turf tree and it’s found mainly – though not entirely – on the Left, from the grassroots all the way to the nation’s capital. If you doubt me here, consider these recent stories:

A headline in the feisty New Hampshire Journal proclaims: “Dems caught staffing group posing as GOP-friendly gay marriage organization.”
Standing Up for Families, an activist group touted as Republican by the pro-gay marriage forces in the Granite State, is being staffed by folks from local and state Democratic committees.

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Trevor Chandler, the guy orchestrating it all, including the fake group’s red, white and blue elephant logo, just happens to be “a Democratic political operative who once worked for Rep. Paul Hodes, D-NH, whose Senate candidacy was rejected by Granite State voters in 2010,” according to the NHJ.

He lists more instances, which I encourage you to check out.

Wild Wild Internet Democratizes The Media Business

Forbes reports Holy Cow: Two of the Big Four TV Networks Are Considering Going Off the Air

“To say it’s serious is probably an overstatement,” Ancier says. Rather, it’s a contingency plan the networks in question are keeping in their back pockets in case they can’t prevail over Aereo and Dish in court or find some other way to stave off the threat they represent.

That threat is existential. Together, Aereo and Dish represent a devastating potential one-two punch, with Aereo undermining the networks’ ability to charge distributions retransmission fees (worth an estimated $3 billion by 2015) and Hopper handicapping their efforts to sell advertising.

While Dish Network reaches 14 million households, Ancier believes it’s the lesser of the two dangers, since media conglomerates possess significant leverage with Dish — ie., the threat to pull their programming.

When it comes to Aereo, which uses a novel interpretation of copyright law to capture and stream free over-the-air TV signals, the networks have no such negotiating power.

We used to complain about having 60 channels. Now we have 1000s, on myriad viewing sources. In the area of media content delivery, Televisions are competing with Mobile delivery, soon even Google Glass.

The Market sure is rather pro “choice” choice, isn’t it?